Staffing | Event Specialist (Per Hour)

Staffing | Event Specialist (Per Hour)

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If you need an attendant, we TOTALLY get it!  Frogman's Party Rental Pricing reflects a Drop Off Agreement between you and our Company.  We do offfer staffing on a case by case basis dependent on availablilty of our Team Members and the workload we have on the day of your event.  The BEST thing to do, is to book and call our office at 757-317-4491 to verify that Staffing will be available.  Our Event Specialist cost is $17.00 per Hour, and these members will be cheerful, keep the energy pumping, give Safety Briefs based on the Equipment you have Rented, and keep people Safe.  This way, you can entertain your friends and guests without worry.  


NOTE:  The Event Specialist is IN CHARGE!!  Please support their decisions and advise your guests if they come to you and people are not listening or doing unsafe activities!

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